Identifying the Issues on Nauru

Education is not working successfully at the moment because many Nauruan natives feel ‘fierce hostility…towards the refugees imposed upon their land.’ (Doherty, 2016). The view of the parents appears to have been transferred to the children and they are bullying the refugee children at school. The Nauran teachers use corporal punishment as part of their discipline approach with the students, this has added to the trauma experienced by the refugee children and is a further disincentive to return to school.

This bullying has impacted the refugee children so much that attendance rates have fallen to drastically low levels. When the school was operating within the detention centre attendance rates were above 90%. Now the children attend the local school attendance rates are as low as 15%. Impact of bullying at school has resulted in bed wetting, inability to sleep, loss of appetite and refusal to engage with parents and other adults (Doherty, 2016).

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