The Fundamentals of Education


The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide readymade knowledge. Seymour Papert

The most fundamental part of education is the teacher. They have the capacity to:

  • create a learning environment where students feel safe, respected and are free from bullying.
  • Create an environment where students are empowered to take risks with their learning. Mistakes are seen as an important aspect of the learning process.
  • Collaboration is encouraged, on all levels (students, teachers, parents).
  • Teachers are encouraged to regularly participate in Professional Development and to share their skills and knowledge with other teachers.

The health of our democracy and the perpetuation of our prosperity depend on teaching no less than they do on Wall Street’s machinations or Silicon Valley’s innovations. So let’s make the classroom a destination as sensible, exciting and fulfilling as any other. Frank Bruni


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