Empathy with my Students

Assignment 2 has been more stressful than any other I have ever experienced. I am normally extremely organised but last minute work/family demands meant that I was finishing off my assignment on the Saturday before it was due. I worked on it throughout the day and left home at 7pm with my Father to attend his oldest friend’s 80th birthday party. I asked my husband to check  through my assignment one final time, I was particularly worried about the audio and wanted that checked prior to submission. Halfway through the evening I received a text…all the audio for my presentation had been deleted! This was hours of work, surely there was a mistake???

My husband had saved the PP in a strange place and had permanently deleted all my audio. This is a clever man whose undergrad is in IT. Accidents happen. I let it go and arrived home at 11pm and worked until the early morning hours and then most of Sunday.

An ah ha moment? Stuff happens. Roll with it and don’t let it get you down too much. I think I will be more empathetic to my kids and students when they stuff up. It’s also important to show kids that we all make mistakes and it’s important to deal with it and move on.



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